Tara is one of the most promising young gymnasts in Italy. She comes from Udine in the north-eastern part of the Italian boot. Her most important achievement is advancing to the Italian national championship. During practice, she likes nothing better than spinning in all directions and we are glad to help her with our products. Tara also loves to cook and like all teenagers she makes Tik Tok videos.

Isabelle fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics at the young age of 5. She easily broke into the very top of the Italian gymnastics team and she fervently dreams to go to every competition and other events in the world of rhythmic gymnastics. During practice and in competitions, she enjoys the most choreographies with the ribbon and doing spins. She has been improving her confidence and her balance in practice which will take her towards new achievements. Outside practice loves to ride her bike on the vast Italian meadows.

Isabel is probably one of the biggest talents and she entered the gymnastics floor only in 2019. She achieved the impossible in only two years and became one of the most promising Italian competitors that have been podiuming in domestic and international competitions. Jumps or spins? Both. She just loves the entire community within rhythmic gymnastics and the competitions where she always surprises herself and wishes to perform better than in practice. When she is not practising, she loves to read a good book and hangs out with her friends.

Elena has been a rhythmic gymnast for almost a decade. But if you ask her which apparatus is her favourite, she’ll tell you she likes all of them, each one is special in its way. Together with the other girls from the Asu Udinese Sezione Ritmica club she competes in the A-series and stands on the podium regularly. Her dreams reach all to way to the Olympics. She is very stubborn and always gets what she wants. As soon as she gets it, she sets new, bigger goals. When she is not at practice, she takes care of her pets.

Nika is a Slovenian who is creating her career in Switzerland. She has been actively training and competing since she was 8. She regularly steps onto the podium, in both domestic and international competitions. In gymnastics, she mostly loves the combination of elegance and gymnastic apparatuses. Her current goal is to qualify for the European championship, which there’s no doubt she will. She loves both practice and competitions. But when she rests, she loves a good book. She leads her life following the saying: “Do what you love and don’t care what people have to say about it.”

Maša is the youngest member of our family. She is from Serbia where she is one of the best raking gymnasts, and also national champion. She loves ball choreographies the most. She firmly believes that you win a medal at practice, you only go to a competition to claim it. She fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics because it requires a lot of agility and talent. In her spare time, she makes Youtube videos for her own and very successful channel and she takes care of her mini zoo. She leads her life by the motto: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Adelina is a 16-year-old Ukrainian who’s been doing gymnastics since she was six. She is currently active in Klagenfurt, Austria. She’s a two-time Ukrainian champion and she got into the national team easily. She loves spinning and puts the force of practice before the delicacy of competitions because she feels practice is more interesting and dynamic. She dreams of the World Championship and the Olympic games. And if she follows her motto “Never give up and follow your dreams”, she will succeed. She likes to spend her spare time with her family.

Lana Sambol has been training rhythmic gymnastics since she was 6 years old and right now, she trains in Croatia. She doesn’t have a lot of free time since she is an athlete and a student at the same time, but when she does, she really enjoys spending time with her family, dog and her friends. Lana believes that it is important to do things for yourself and also, to trust the process.  Swirl & Twirl suitcase is her lifesaver when she is going to competitions. And, she never forgets to pack the most comfortable S&T Toe Shoes.

Anna-Maria started with rhythmic gymnastics when she was only 5 years old and she has been doing amazing ever since. She really enjoys training the routines as well as performing them in front of the audience. Her motto while training is “Do it for your future self“ because she believes that it is important to learn things for yourself and also to invest in your future. Swirl & Twirl leg warmers are always a must for training.

Asya Seker is an excellent rhythmic gymnast from Australia. One of her biggest achievements is participation at WCH Sofia 2022. She really enjoys rhythmic gymnastics but also traveling and meeting new people through competing and training. When Asya has some free time, she likes to read, hang out with friends as well as do arts and crafts. Her dream is to go to the Olympics, which goes hand in hand with her motto “ Go big or go home“.

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