Multifunctional Exercise board Swirl&twirl

Great results start with great confidence. You can boost it at each step with the new multifunctional exercise board that improves balance and it’s an essential accessory in the bag of any professional athlete. Discover why. 

After you instantly fell in love with our flexible toe-shoe, it’s now time to present you its – and soon yours as well – better half. It’s the multifunctional exercise board, created for any athlete who wants to improve their balance, confidence, and conviction with which they’ll spin toward new challenges in sports.


1. It improves your balance

Balance is a key factor in every sport. You can improve it with exercise that every professional athlete should perform daily. The multifunctional exercise board is a great aid, and you will improve your balance more easily and quickly than with other types of exercise. 

More balance easily.


2. It improves your movements

The multifunctional exercise board is perfect for gymnasts, skaters, ballerinas etc. After exercising with the multifunctional boards, you will improve the execution and the speed of your turns and master your pirouettes. Consequently, also your spotting and stage presence will improve. 

Better results with better spins!


3. It improves your posture

Numerous studies show that the key element to better confidence lies in a good posture. Which can also be improved by using the multifunctional board. It will help improve your posture even when you are not exercising.

Good posture – great confidence.


4. Suitable for all athletes

The multifunctional board is suitable for all athletes since it improves body stability and aids in building muscle mass. Exercising with the multifunctional board will improve your general fitness and thanks to its size, you can exercise anywhere at any time.

For each bag, for each athlete.


5. Designed thinking about the environment

At Swirl&Twirl we don’t only wish our products to be great for the athletes, they need to be great for our planet as well. And our multifunctional board is since made from econyl, a material made by using lost or discarded fishing nets, retrieved from the ocean which is now cleaner and healthier. 

For a clean ocean and a clear conscience.


6. Ideal for every pocket

Literally. Not only is the board affordable but due to its compact size, it can be stored anywhere. 

For each pocket, for each trip.