Explore the five values with which we spin the world for the better

Are you wondering what lies behind the “Feel the Flow” slogan? Here is the answer. For us, flow represents the lightness of living. It hides in the values we live. For a good flow, a person must find balance on different levels of life: food, exercise, friendship, love, relationships, work, education, free time, success. Through the five most important values of our brand, we allow you to know us better and feel our flow. 

What is the ordinary S&T girl?



Can you imagine a world without friends? Without those special people that make you laugh to your tears, and you share your latest secret with during a break at practice (or in school)? These are the girls you share your passion for gymnastics with and although you’re in competition, you support one another 100%. You acknowledge that you motivate one another and that your success depends on collective energy. You applaud anyone who steps onto the podium, and you are proud like it’s you who has won. You comfort and motivate each other on a bad day. Only this way, you can become better and the best together. 


Friendship and common goals are the best motivation for success. 




There’s no need to stress out how important keeping a good physical shape is. Within our brand movement is the core part of every S&T girl. Because it improves your well-being and rises the levels of happiness hormones. Exercising outside and inside the gym is key to keeping a high-quality life flow. It is also the only way that can bring a recreational athlete to the world’s top. 

Exercising gives people energy and strength and puts them in a good mood. 



Youth is madness that surprises with something new every day. Youth is beautiful and energetic. It is the new acquaintances that create a bigger community day by day. It is the tears of joy when you finally manage to perform that spin you’ve been training for so long. It is the colors you radiate and the successes you achieve one after another as a young gymnast. It is also the power that brings you back to the top and defeat, it is a day off you can spend whenever you want.

Youth is eternal if you manage to keep the positivity!



The S&T girl spends a lot of her time in sportswear. Because she goes to many tournaments, she travels a lot. Above all, she regularly trains and improves his knowledge of rhythmic gymnastics. Therefore, she also swears by high-quality sportswear and accessories that she needs for successful training and progress. She loves fluorescent colors so you can feel the energy she reflects from afar. She likes soft materials that absorb moisture and sweat during training. She needs to feel comfortable in her clothes. But most importantly - the S&T girl absolutely adores sequins.

Quality brings faster progress.



Having fun is an important part of life. Practice can be fun and diverse. Challenges that make us improve are fun. The moments that give us energy and resilience to move on are fun. Moments within routine and discipline are fun. Spinning, jumping, and racing is fun. The colors you reflect are fun. 

If we look at life as having fun all obstacles can be overcome. 

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